GMO Funk-8th-Hybrid-MADE


Prepare your nose for a comedy roast because the aroma of GMO FUNK is no joke! Crack open the jar, and you're hit with a mix of pungent earthiness and a dash of diesel. It's like the strain is saying, "I'm here to make you laugh, but I mean business too." The unexpected twist keeps your olfactory senses on their toes.

The flavor profile of is a well-rounded blend of sweet and earthy tones. Inhaling brings forth a smooth sweetness, while the exhale introduces subtle hints of diesel. The overall experience is like savoring a fine wine – sophisticated and enjoyable.

GMO FUNK delivers a calming and balanced high that gently unfolds. While it may not induce uncontrollable laughter, it brings a sense of relaxation and tranquility. It's a strain that encourages a mellow state of mind without the heaviness of sedation.