Mushy Girls Strawberry Cotton Candy Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar 6g - NeauTropics


Strawberry Cotton Candy chocolate bar

In celebration of Mushy Girls, the first and only all women owned and operated delivery dispensary in Los Angeles, this flavor was created to capture the essence of Los Angeles as they cruise down Sunset Boulevard, towards Santa Monica in their mission to provide professional, safe access to natural holistic healing with compassion and convenience. Much like the quintessential rosy sunrise and sunsets of Los Angeles, this flavor captures cotton candy clouds, strawberry, kissed skies, and the sparkling glamour of LA with popping culinary crystals.

Artisanal Chocolate
Elevated Ingredients, Elevated Minds.
Neautropics is committed to only using the finest ingredients in our products. We start with artisanal, fair trade, couverture grade Belgian chocolate and blend a carefully curated selection of exotic, organically harvested for fruiting bodies for the perfectly balanced experience.

6g Belgian Chocolate Bar
18 squares, 1 square = .33g

Recommended Dosage:

.25 - 1 Square = Microdose
1 - 4 Squares = Recreational Dose
5 - 10 Squares = Therapeutic Dose
10 - 18 Squares = Spiritual Dose

*Tolerance level is subjective to the individuals biology, consume at your own discretion*