PIPPEN 8th- Indica- MADE


Pippin the cannabis strain that's the slam dunk of the weed world! This strain will take you on a soaring journey to new heights of euphoria.

When you take a puff of Pippen, you'll feel like you're floating on air, ready to shoot hoops.. The high is so high that you'll believe you can fly and dunk like you're in a highlight reel. And don't worry if you miss the shot; you'll just laugh it off like a true stoner champion.

The aroma of Pippen is like a victory parade for your senses, with a delightful blend of fruity and earthy notes that'll make your taste buds cheer. It's like a three-pointer of flavors right in your mouth!

But beware, because just like the competitive spirit, Pippen can be a strong contender. Take one too many hits, and you might find yourself couch-locked, contemplating the mysteries of the universe and wondering if space aliens play basketball.

This strain is the perfect teammate for social gatherings, turning any ordinary hangout into an all-star session. You'll pass the joint like a champ